Your Consignment at JFK International Airport

From Mr Will Clark

Hello Good Friend,

I am contacting you in reference to a

abandoned diplomatic consignment box

and the x-ray scan report, which

revealed an UNDISCLOSED sum of money

which could be approximately 12.5 million dollars.

The consignment was abandoned because the

Contents was not properly declared as


For your information, the box was

abandoned by the diplomat, on transit to your

location, because he was not able to pay the fee.

I’ve taken it upon myself to contact you personally

so that we can share the total money

70% for you

and 30% for me.


Size: 2:1 CM

Weight: 5.6KG


Registration Number: #98952457

Pin Number: *****

Please get back to me via this email.

You can not call me on my telephone

for now to avoid been expose

me more.

Over-Due Fund Inheritance Claim

From The Export-Import Bank of China

I’m writing about an opportunity

which will benefit us both immensely. I’ve

discovered an abandon over-due

inheritance sum of $7.1M and I

have made several attempts to locate any

of my late client’s relatives.

I am contacting you to assist in claiming and

receiving the fund left behind before

it gets confiscated or declared

unclaimed. Kindly get back to me if interested.

I assure you this will be executed

legitimate, protecting you from

any breach of the law both in

your country and here in China.

The funds I am referring to is Right here,

in this bank,

floating in suspense account.

Would You Be So Kind!!

from Mr. Marcel Komlan

Hello, Dear.

I must first make an

apology for this unsolicited mail.

My client died on the Egyptian Air flight 804

in October 6, 2016 along with his entire family.


He left behind Six

Million Eight Hundred United States of American dollars.

I have been mandated to provide a next of

kin to be paid by the estate. I have everything in place:

I will present you as the heir to the fund.

I’ve the details to facilitate the approval of the remittance of the funds.

Would you be so kind as to help me transfer this

huge amount of money to your account,

in your country, should my proposal meet your interest?

We Have Everything What You Need to Forget About All the Health Problems You Might Have!

From Express-Pills

Enter here,

Canadian Pharmacy.


Viagra $0.72

V. soft, v. super force, v. super active, v. professional, v. gold.


Cialis  $0.72

C. super active, C. professional, C. soft.


Celebrex $0.67

Cipro             $0.70

Lasix              $0.37

Prednisolone $3.38

Indometacin  $0.60


“Everything arrives promptly and well



By, David.

Waiting to Hookup

from (unknown sender)

I Missed Fuckbuddy Message:

Raelyn, Raelyn.


Hi babe—

are you still looking for a hookup?


I just want a

friend with benefits—

someone who will come

over & over

and fuck me at a moment’s notice.


Do you like big boobs?


What else?

                                    So much.

I just posted some new pics.

Check me out.


I hope

you like my pictures.

Think Before You Do Something

From “Emma Brown” 

I am certainly not the

person who likes to talk lots:

You are in serious shit.


My RAT virus #26863421

was working every damn day,

mailing me messages, logins,

all contacts and images from the display

screen and the digicam.


Could not really locate useful information

personally, but was lucky to create a

few films

which were captured

when you’ve frequented online websites

for adults. It turned out

not awful by any means, despite

the fact that I’m not really strong

at editing video.


Do not dash off to decide which method of self-murder

is going to be most suitable. We are humans, after all,

and can make a deal. I give you

my wallet address, and in the next 2 dayz I’ll wait for

the sum of 500 dollars in it.


I recognize btc.


I do not recommend you contact the police.


Think again before you throw away silly

actions, your status and further more

living rely on it.


All the best !!