Think Before You Do Something

From “Emma Brown” 

I am certainly not the

person who likes to talk lots:

You are in serious shit.


My RAT virus #26863421

was working every damn day,

mailing me messages, logins,

all contacts and images from the display

screen and the digicam.


Could not really locate useful information

personally, but was lucky to create a

few films

which were captured

when you’ve frequented online websites

for adults. It turned out

not awful by any means, despite

the fact that I’m not really strong

at editing video.


Do not dash off to decide which method of self-murder

is going to be most suitable. We are humans, after all,

and can make a deal. I give you

my wallet address, and in the next 2 dayz I’ll wait for

the sum of 500 dollars in it.


I recognize btc.


I do not recommend you contact the police.


Think again before you throw away silly

actions, your status and further more

living rely on it.


All the best !!