Your Consignment at JFK International Airport

From Mr Will Clark

Hello Good Friend,

I am contacting you in reference to a

abandoned diplomatic consignment box

and the x-ray scan report, which

revealed an UNDISCLOSED sum of money

which could be approximately 12.5 million dollars.

The consignment was abandoned because the

Contents was not properly declared as


For your information, the box was

abandoned by the diplomat, on transit to your

location, because he was not able to pay the fee.

I’ve taken it upon myself to contact you personally

so that we can share the total money

70% for you

and 30% for me.


Size: 2:1 CM

Weight: 5.6KG


Registration Number: #98952457

Pin Number: *****

Please get back to me via this email.

You can not call me on my telephone

for now to avoid been expose

me more.